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About Us

Home Generators For Sale (HGFS) is the go-to supplier for residential, commercial, and portable generators throughout the Midwest and beyond. Together, our invaluable sales staff and technician teams help regular people and small businesses get the best products with exceptional service at competitive prices.

Check our track record of trust

  • Generac trusts us. We are a Generac Power Pro Elite dealer in the area – meaning the leading manufacturer of residential and commercial generators trusts us to demonstrate the highest commitment to their products. We do that.
  • Generac puts us in their top ten. Our company has become a top-ten Generac dealer in the Midwest for a reason, and we are expanding our scope of success each year with tangible results and happy customers.
  • The BBB speaks to our legacy. HGFS is a new addition to the parent company, Advanced Electrical Services, an accredited business by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

Know our history and future

  • We go back 18 years. After Tobias Sommer opened Advanced Electrical Services in 2003, his experiences led him to open Home Generators For Sale, an innovative company specializing in generators in the Midwest.
  • The business has expanded. HGFS has exponentially grown over the last five years and has recently optimized its website for e-commerce, selling trusty new and used parts online far beyond the limits of the Midwest and enabling seamless online payments.
  • Welcome to the new building. Our business now operates at a slick new facility, with a 2800 square-foot warehouse and new offices and training rooms for an improved inventory and training system.

Consider our qualifications

  • We work with the best products. We trust Generac products and work with them almost exclusively because they have remained at the top and cutting edge of generators and services for 62 years,
  • We have brand-specific training. We do not leave your safety and livelihood up to general knowledge. All our field technicians become certified to install and repair the exact products we supply.
  • Generators are our top priority. Because our company focuses exclusively on generators, you can be sure we will perform the most trustworthy job. Why put the fate of your backup power generator in the hands of a company that considers it an after-thought?

We provide vital services

  • Backup generators matter. Our most vulnerable citizens need backup power in the event of an outage, especially when the Midwest is not immune to the inconveniences of nature.
  • Our generators work. We make sure our generators are set up and working within ten seconds of an outage so that your livelihood does not skip a beat. You can rest assured.
  • We focus on the future. Though most of our generators run on natural gas, propane, and diesel, HGFS is proud to work with Generac as it expands to include hybrid solar power generators for all our customers. That also means we are your go-to choice for solar power generators as the future unfolds.

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Meet Our Team

Generators for Sale Employee Bios.

Tobias Sommer


Generators for Sale president Tobias is a coffee lover who opened the company in 2003. In his time off from work he likes taking early morning bike rides and enjoys spending time with his wife and kids.
















Chris Wallace

Chris is a field supervisor with Generators for Sale. He’s been with the company since July, 2015. He enjoys hunting and riding his Harley. Most of all, he enjoys spending time with his wife. His favorite snack is deer jerky and he can’t pass up a good steak with a piece of cheesecake for dessert.


Ricardo Mercado


A field technician with Generators for Sale since August, 2016, Ricardo is a busy all the time and when he does have time off from work he enjoys going fishing and likes drinking coffee and beer.   

Matt Reeder


Salesman Matt has been with Generators for Sale since October, 2017. An avid golfer, he enjoys pasta and spending quality time with his two daughters.

Angel Becerra


Field technician Angel has been with the company for some time; his first stint was from April, 2015 though December, 2016 and then rejoined Generators for Sale in March, 2018. He prefers hot tea to coffee and likes working on his cars and watching sports with his friends.

Jennifer Palomera


Generators for Sale office administrative assistant Jennifer has been with the company since November, 2017. She stays active with yoga and hiking. Her favorite food is mole.

Trisha Sommer


Bookkeeper Trisha joined Generators for Sale in July, 2017. When she’s not working, she stays active with swimming and nature walks. She loves Chinese food – in particular, sesame chicken.