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"Because your backup plan doesn’t have a failure tolerance."

Generator Maintenance

You can often overlook your power generator because it isn’t always in use. But its sole purpose is to provide reliable power when you most need it.

Don’t let it fail you because you neglect the basic maintenance and technical updates we provide.

Preventative Maintenance

Maintenance is how you keep your backup generator ready for when you need it the most. Some complacent customers let their generators sit for years without changing the oil. Then they’re surprised during the first power outage when it doesn’t run or blows up from oil breakdown.

That first outage could last for weeks, so our top priority is to make sure your generator is ready.

Midwestern Climate

Here in the Midwest, extreme heat and cold weather can play havoc on your outside generator. If not maintained, its oil viscosity breaks down. Battery connections go bad. Mice and other wildlife nest inside. Condensation builds and breaks down the oil down until it’s more operational risk than reassurance.


Our preventive maintenance makes sure your generator runs at its full potential and lasts for years to come. You bought the generator assure you have reliable power in an emergency. Don’t let it fail you because you neglected the basic maintenance we provide.

Replacement Parts

From the Source.   There is no better place to get Generac parts for a Generac generator than through us. We’ll ensure you get the exact part you need at a fair price.

For the best results, use genuine Generac parts on your Generac generator. We offer air and oil filters, as well as maintenance kits, for all models.

We’re prepared for breakdowns and assure a steady supply of repair and maintenance parts. We try to maximize your uptime and not leave you without a working generator while you await parts.

We also salvage older units for obsolete parts you won't find elsewhere. If we can keep your older unit running, we will for as long as possible.

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