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Working With Us

Home Generators For Sale is the leading supplier for all generator products and services for a reason. Above all, we want to help people feel taken care of every step of the way.  We are the expert turnkey solution for a reliable backup generator in Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota and Kansas. From design, sales, install, to maintenance and warranty. We will cover all your backup generator needs.  This isn't "something" we do, IT IS ALL WE DO!

We stay true to our reputation.

We provide top-level reliability.    People have legitimate, urgent needs for backup energy and cannot afford to suffer a blackout or misguided investment due to faulty machines or improper installation. Customers count on us because they know they can.

Future protection is everything.    We have access to the best Generac warranties and have the know-how to make good on them, as improper maintenance does nobody any good.

Our accredited technicians know best.    We ensure your generators last for as long as possible and ensure we avoid wasting anybody's time – all by doing a proper job the first time around. That includes setting the generator up in a safe place and hooking it up expertly according to a standardized code.

Find the right generator in three steps.

Consult us. We do not rush to get you a generator at the cost of making an educated, informed decision. Completing the consultation process helps us clarify what you need in a generator, decide what kind would be best, and prepare for any foreseeable obstacles to your installation.

We come to you. When it is time for installation, our technicians will travel to your location and arrive prepared with the correct and best equipment and their expertise. They follow every specification for your engine, electrical, and gas hookups to ensure safety and reliability.

We make sure you are all set. After the installation process, we want to make sure you feel confident and prepared to deal with the small but vital acts of upkeep you must perform, such as changing the oil, in a way that fits your level of familiarity.

Begin your consultation process.

Get a quote.    Use our website to get a quote for your generator today. That will give us an idea of what you want, such as generator class (residential, commercial, or portable), how frequently you experience outages, your budget size, and when you want to purchase it.


Talk with our helpful staff.   Once you have received your quote, we will address your specific needs and concerns. After all, purchasing a generator is an extensive process, a big decision, and different for everybody – and we want to make you feel heard and prepared.


We help you find a solution.   After talking with one of our specialists, we find you the best and most cost-effective generator for your house or small business and set up an installation date.

We have you covered.

Invest in future protection.   We help you find the most cost-effective warranty, with coverage including five-, seven-, and ten-year plans.

Get the parts you need.   Home Generators For Sale sells small parts for general upkeep, such as oil filters and maintenance kits, so that you can make easy yet necessary fixes as simple adjustments become needed down the road.

We perform preventative maintenance.   Preventative maintenance is an essential part of extending the life of your generator, and it is necessary to protect against the harsh Midwestern climate and deter those pesky critters. Before we leave the job site, we will make sure your installation is well-protected with this preventative approach.