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Train the future by donating to generator apprentice training program

Trades have gotten a bad wrap over the last decade. We partnered with local high schools to educate our youth that college is not the only option. Trades like electricians or generator technicians can make a great respectable living and we have shortages of labor right now. What we found is that many of the students we talk to have never even heard of these trade careers and it opens there mind up to new career choices. We also hire high schoolers and train them with donated units that were ready for the scrap yard. 

Our biggest partner is the Boys Town Trade Life Program. They help with support, transportation, classroom education and training. We help with the mechanical aspects and hands on experience. Together we offer alternatives to kids that need to make real life choices that will help prepare them for adulthood. Let's be honest, some kids are not college material and having them rack up college debt only to get a trade job later in life is not a smart start to their journey into life.     

What do we do with the units?:

We start with the troubleshooting process and diagnose what is wrong. If the unit can be repaired with parts from other donations we try to repair them and have a complete unit that works. This allows the kids to see a unit, troubleshoot a unit, and fix a unit, all in a controlled environment. That makes it more comfortable for everyone to take time and learn in a less stress environment. Doing this onsite with customers units causes much conflict, they want qualified repairs and a backup system that is reliable. Working in a teaching environment makes the tech learn more and we can evaluate if they are learning and retaining knowledge. After we have working units we sell them to help fund this program. The units that do not run and can not be used get scrapped out. We try to salvage as many parts as possible and not much is lost to scrap pile. The program is expensive to run between shipping costs, paying the students, paying the teacher/technicians and associated overhead costs of having dedicated facilities. That's why the donations are necessary to keep the program alive. We do pay for some units now so we can keep more units to work on. The older units are harder to work on and have bigger issues that make paying for them fiscally irresponsible. The older units have many parts that are obsolete or phased out for a reason. We still can take them but just can not pay for them.       

Is this tax deductible?

While the program is working with non profit organizations our company is a not a 501C. We can give you a record of the donation but we will not fill out a value for donation. This is the responsibility of the donor and you should check with your accountant on specific tax rules. We do not consult on tax law and only get you a receipt for the transaction. We also will need a W9 filled out to receive any payment from us for donation. 

What are we are looking for? What we pay for?:

  • We cover all shipping costs.
  • Only Generac standby units. No other manufactures are taken. 
  • Units must be intact with no missing major components(Alternators, engines, controllers) to qualify for payment.
  • Intact units do not need to run or create voltage. Just need to be complete unit to get paid.
  • We take units with missing major components as free donation only. 
  • Generation 3 Air cooled units 6kw - 22kw we pay $50 dollars a unit
  • Liquid Cooled units are based on model info and typically .12 cents a pound
  • Generation 1 and 2 units are free donations
  • Portable units are also free donations




We have a simple web form to fill out to get the process started. If you have specific questions about the program or need help you can call us directly to help. 402-298-5355