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Support the Future with Generators Apprentice Training Program

Shape the Future with Your Donation to Our Generator Apprentice Training Program

Despite being overlooked in recent years, trades such as electricians or generator technicians can offer great career opportunities. We've partnered with local high schools to help students explore these career paths, offering an alternative to the college trajectory. Our initiative also provides students with hands-on training, transforming aging generators destined for the scrapyard into valuable teaching tools.

Boys Town Trade Life Program - Our Key Partner

We proudly collaborate with the Boys Town Trade Life Program, a partnership that enables us to provide students with support, transportation, classroom education, and practical training. Our joint effort offers real-life, constructive choices to young individuals, preparing them for successful adulthood.

How Our Program Works

Our hands-on training program begins with diagnosing malfunctioning generators. When possible, we repair them using parts from other donated units, providing a complete, practical learning experience for the students. The repaired generators are then sold to support the program, while irreparable units are scrapped, salvaging as many parts as possible to minimize waste. Your donations are vital for covering shipping costs, student and teacher wages, and other overhead costs associated with running this program.

Is Your Donation Tax Deductible?

While our program operates in partnership with non-profit organizations, we're not a 501C organization. We can provide a receipt for your donation, but the valuation and potential tax deduction should be consulted with your accountant.

How Can You Support Our Program?

We welcome donations of Generac standby units and cover all shipping costs. We pay for units that are intact and complete, while units with missing components are accepted as free donations. Our accepted and paid-for models are detailed below:

  • We cover all shipping costs.
  • Only Generac standby units are accepted.
  • Units must be intact with no missing major components to qualify for payment.
  • We pay $50/unit for Generation 3 Air-cooled units (6kw - 22kw).
  • Liquid Cooled units are priced based on model info, typically at .12 cents a pound.
  • Generation 1 and 2 units, as well as portable units, are accepted as free donations.
Students in the Generators Apprentice Training Program

Ready to Support Our Program?

Get involved by filling out our simple web form. If you have any questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to call us at 402-298-5355.