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Generator Transfer Switch Surge Protector

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Type 1 surge protector UL 1449 4th edition  listed for installation on LINE or LOAD side of generator transfer switch. Protects the transfer switch, generator and whole house from transients and damaging surges originating from the utility lines.


  • UL 1449 Listed 4th edition type 1 for installation on the service entrance side of GeneratorTransfer Switches
  • Flush mount plate option available for finished walls
  • Common mode suppression with 100,000 Surge Amp Capacity DUAL MODE with both MOV and GAS-TUBE protection
  • Thermally fused metal oxide varistor (MOV) suppression technology
  • Light-emitting diode (LED) visual indicator for transfer switch protection status
  • Type 06 Enclosure suitable for transfer switches installed inside or outdoors
  • Approved and designed for installation at the Utility Entrance of the generator transfer switch providing robust protection for both the transfer switch and the whole home against damaging electrical surges and spikes.