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Are you looking for career not a job?

Then we are looking for you! We can help you find a position in a growing company and industry with opportunity for advancement. We have spent the last few years filtering through and finding a core group of employees and now we are expanding and looking for more like minded and hard working individuals. We are a select niche company that many people don’t know about but has been growing at a remarkable rate and have our sights on great years to come.

Do you consider yourself a grunt or Seal Team Six Special Forces?

Thats right we are not looking for regular grunts that do normal jobs and just want to get by. We want team members that don’t shy away from hard work and don’t take no for an answer. Why? Because we want an environment to work in that everyone enjoys and knows exactly what their role is. We work together as a team so that no one has to carry the burden of load. Its a work smarter, not harder process that means there are no menial jobs, just menial attitudes. We are the best at what we do and need people that want to keep that mentality.

What do you do?

Okay we are a very niche industry and most people don’t really understand what we do. A short description is, we install, service and warranty automatic standby generators for homes and small businesses. These units start within 10 seconds after a power outage and stay on until the power comes back on. They can run certain circuits or complete home/buildings. The fuel supply is mainly natural gas or propane but we do diesel units too. They are for anyone that does not want to have the power shut off or cant live without power loss for long periods of time. Because we are the emergency back up supply, we take great care and need to make sure that we do the best job the first time. When plan B fails, there is usually no plan C or we have to go get unit running immediately. That is why we strive for excellence and why we are looking for people that are looking to do the same.

Am I the right person?

The best people are those who are mechanically inclined and not afraid to get a little dirty. We work on small and large engines. We work around gas and gas lines. We also work around electricity so we cover a spectrum of knowledge. Do you have to know any of these specific components? Not really but it helps. Having a background in one of the three would help but is not necessary because we work on specialized machines and we will send you to classes specific to the manufactures product. You have to be certified to work on them and we will make sure you get the proper training. If you like working on cars or engines. You might be a electrician, HVAC or plumber or maybe a landscaper that is tired of not working year round and want to have promising career and not a paycheck that gets smaller in different times of the year. We work year round and stay steady.

Is this right for me?

We can teach you about generators but don’t want to teach you work ethic! If you are a hard worker and care about doing your job right then we are looking for you. We have a specialized apprentice class tailored for us and want everyone to get the proper training and education to excel at everything they do, in life as well as your workplace. We are looking for people that want to succeed in life and hope that all of our team members achieve their goals. We want to promote you within a company that the only boundaries is your imagination and will to succeed. If that sounds like something you want to be interested in then we are ready to interview you.


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