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Why Work Here

Generators represent a mostly unknown part of the electrical and sales industries. But you do not need to know anything about them to recognize the appealing opportunities that working for Home Generators For Sale (HGFS) offers.

Succeed here

  • Seize competitive advantages. Home Generators For Sale provides better and more unique advancement opportunities than most electrician jobs and sales jobs by offering invaluable services in an untapped corner of the industry.
  • Sharpen your skills. We hire the right people and look to their strengths to find the best fit in the company. After that, we train them properly and prepare them to deal with any problem that may arise in this unconventional line of work that combines engine, electrical, and plumbing skills.
  • Stay and grow. You will want to stick around if you appreciate helping people, staying challenged with non-monotonous work, learning new things, working in a team setting, and doing stable, year-round operations – ask our staff!

Contribute positively

  • Enhance our culture. HGFS runs on core values and employees, and we are looking for more like-minded, hard-working, do-right individuals to continue building, expanding, and refining that culture.
  • Respect our mission. We want to keep an enjoyable work environment for all who work here, and that demands respect for our assigned roles so teamwork can stay smooth, no one carries the burden alone, and we do right by all our clients.
  • Care about people. At the core, our company cares about the people we employ and serve, and it stays committed to its principles consistently to continue setting the industry standard for generator services.

Stay hired

  • Work full-time. Home Generators For Sale is hiring full-time for technician and sales team positions. If you think you are a good fit for us, fill out an application online today to join our fun and hard-working team.
  • Become more experienced. Background experience is not vital, but it will help set you apart during the hiring process and aid you down the road, as it is easier to build on an already solid foundation. That said, we train our staff extensively, and in some cases, as with technical work, accreditation is necessary.
  • Work hard. No one can teach you to have a strong work ethic, yet this is a must no matter which side of the business spectrum you work. But if you demonstrate a positive attitude and try your best consistently, we will make sure you succeed and grow as part of our company.

Become next-level technicians

  • Join our technician staff. We want journeyman electricians, apprentice generator technicians, second-, third-, and fourth-year electrician apprentices, and parts clerks to join our talented technician team. Apply today!
  • Understand your field. Home Generators For Sale is not your average electrician job. But like any hands-on gig, applicants should not be easily discouraged by mechanics or by learning new skills, and successful candidates preferably will have firsthand knowledge with engine work, electrical work, gas work, or otherwise laborious work. And above all, you must be willing to get dirty on the job.
  • We will train you. Working with generators and their respective electrical and gas lines requires our technicians to receive specific certifications in addition to taking specialized apprentice classes. You may have a background with some or all of these components, but we will ensure you get the proper training across the board before you work in this new territory.

Become next-level sales professionals

  • Join our sales, e-commerce, and inventory team. Our sales team refers to a wide array of duties, and it needs talented E-commerce and inventory managers, inside product specialists, and outside sales representatives. Apply today if this sounds like you.
  • We appreciate your skills. As part of our sales, e-commerce, and inventory team, any previous organizational and computer literacy skills will help you succeed. Specifically, knowledge of Zoho and Omnichannel is a plus, as these tools enable our generator sales, installation, and warranty processes to operate smoothly.
  • Perform invaluable duties. As an HGFS sales professional, you will ensure our products get updated, stocked, and shipped. Just like our technicians, your work ensures our customers have an excellent experience the first time.